Web Designing


Below we have given some of the technologies that you will learn throughout this course.


Below we have given some of the technologies that you will learn throughout this course.

Introduction of different Web Technology
HTML Elements
HTML Attributes
HTML Headings
HTML Paragraphs
HTML Formatting
HTML Fonts
HTML Styles
HTML Links
HTML Images
HTML Tables
HTML Lists
HTML Forms
HTML Frames
HTML Iframes
HTML Summary
HTML Colors
HTML Colornames
HTML Colorvalues
HTML Quick List
HTML Layout
HTML Doctypes
HTML Scripts
HTML Entities
HTML Media
HTML Audio
HTML Object
HTML Video
HTML YouTube
Syllabus Covered (HTML5)
HTML5 Introduction
HTML5 New Elements
TML5 Video
HTML5 Audio
HTML5 Drag and Drop
HTML5 Canvas
Canvas vs. SVG
HTML5 Geolocation
HTML5 Web Storage
HTML5 App Cache
HTML5 Web Workers
HTML5 Tags
HTML Media


Below we have given some of the technologies that you will learn throughout this course.

CSS Introduction
CSS Syntax
CSS Id & Class
CSS Styling
Styling Backgrounds
Styling Text
Styling Fonts
Styling Links
Styling Lists
CSS Floating
CSS Align
Styling Tables
CSS Box Model
CSS Box Model
CSS Border
CSS Outline
CSS Margin
CSS Padding
CSS Advanced
CSS Grouping/Nesting
CSS Dimension
CSS Display
CSS Navigation Bar
CSS Image Gallery
CSS Image Opacity
CSS Image Sprites
CSS Media Types
CSS hacking
CSS Summary
CSS Positioning


Below we have given some of the technologies that you will learn throughout this course.

JS Introduction
JS Where To
JS Output
JS Statements
JS Syntax
JS Comments
JS Variables
JS Operators
JS Arithmetic
JS Assignment
JS Data Types
JS Functions
JS Objects
JS Events
JS Strings
JS String Methods
JS Numbers
JS Number Methods
JS Arrays
JS Array Methods
JS Array Sort
JS Array Iteration
JS Dates
JS Date Formats
JS Date Get Methods
JS Date Set Methods
JS Math
JS Random
JS Booleans
JS Comparisons
JS Conditions
JS Switch
JS Loop For
JS Loop While
JS Break
JS Version ES5
JS Version ES6
JS Type Conversion
JS Bitwise
JS RegExp
JS Errors
JS Scope
JS Hoisting
JS Strict Mode
JS this Keyword
JS Let
JS Const
JS Arrow Function
JS Classes
JS Debugging
JS Style Guide
JS Best Practices
JS Mistakes
JS Performance
JS Reserved Words
JS Versions


PHP : What is it? PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a server side technology like ASP. Unlike HTML, PHP needs server to run. You can freely download this software from the internet. It is open source software; you can easily customize this software according to your requirement. There are lots of plug-in available in the market that makes its development faster. Currently most of the sites are built in PHP rather than others technologies because of shorter time of development. There are a number of technologies that used PHP like Word Press, OS Commerce, Joomla, Magento etc. PHP supports many databases (MySQL, Informix, Oracle, Sybase, Solid, PostgreSQL, Generic ODBC, etc.)

PHP Tutorial
PHP Intro
PHP Install
PHP Syntax
PHP Comments
PHP Variables
PHP Echo / Print
PHP Data Types
PHP Strings
PHP Numbers
PHP Constants
PHP Operators
PHP If...Else...Elseif
PHP Switch
PHP Loops

PHP Functions
PHP Arrays
PHP Superglobals
PHP Forms
PHP Form Handling
PHP Form Validation
PHP Form Required
PHP Form URL/E-mail
PHP Form Complete
PHP Advanced
PHP Date and Time
PHP Include
PHP File Handling
PHP File Open/Read
PHP File Create/Write
PHP File Upload
PHP Cookies

PHP What is OOP
PHP Classes/Objects
PHP Constructor
PHP Destructor
PHP Access Modifiers
PHP Inheritance
PHP Constants
PHP Abstract Classes
PHP Traits
PHP Static Methods
PHP Static Properties
PHP Sessions
PHP Filters
PHP Filters Advanced


MYSQL : What is it?
My SQL is an ORACLE product and usually used in PHP and JAVA. It is used to store, update, delete and retrieve data. It is very powerful software and used in big and small application. It is a free software. MySQL is also used in large application including , Google and Facebook. MySQL is very flexible and its performance is very high..

MySQL Database
MySQL Connect
MySQL Create DB
MySQL Create Table
MySQL Insert Data
MySQL Get Last ID
MySQL Insert Multiple
MySQL Prepared
MySQL Select Data
MySQL Where
MySQL Order By
MySQL Delete Data
MySQL Update Data
MySQL Limit Data


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